Cairo Loses Her Marble

Show season ends, Cairo doesn’t try to kill herself for a couple months and I become a blogging slacker! I can’t believe I didn’t post a photo of Cairo’s marble.

Oh, did I mention Cairo had a marble to keep her from going into heat? Well, she did, but since when spring hit, Cairo came into heat like a hurricane so I decided to have it removed since it wasn’t doing much.

We went up to Dr. Jack Root, who stands her daddy Baquero, and is the vet who put it in. His ultrasound was being slow, so he decided to palpate and next thing you know, he pulls out a pretty, big blue marble.


I pondered keeping it, but he was all about sterilizing it and reusing it, because apparently it was a good marble.

So the good news is I don’t need to worry about the marble causing any problems. The bad news is that for two months in the spring and a couple weeks in the fall, Cairo is still a demon hussy. Regumate? I don’t know, but I’ll tell you right now, all the raspberry leaves I stuff into her have no effect!

Next up: The trials and tribulations of bodywork.


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