Monthly Archives: April 2014

Demon Hussy

Demon hussy is what I call Cairo when she goes into heat and gets to be sassy-on-steroids. I rode her in the outdoor Monday evening and she bucked (which she never does) and spent the entire ride attempting to leap out from underneath me or just leap. The next couple nights we worked inside and she was slightly more chill. Slightly. Tonight we worked in the outdoor again and she started the session with a squeal and some overly expressive swishes of her tail.

Ironically, given I spent most of the ride trying to get her to give and use her topline instead of brace and try to leap into the canter, when we did transition up into the canter, her transitions were lovely.

One week until our first beach ride, I’m very excited. And one month until I move her to the same barn Flash is at and have both my horses in the same place for the first time in more than a year.